Sarah's story...

Sarah baptismI first realised I had given my life to the Lord in June 2006 when I was invited to a friend's baptism. I used to go to this church (Beacon) with mum when I was younger but I never really understood what it was all about until now. At the beginning of 2006 I had a feeling in my heart that I wanted to go back to church but I kept putting it off. I was then invited to Kim’s baptism in June so I decided to go with my mum and I knew many people at the church too. From the beginning of the service I loved it and found it so overwhelming and it touched my heart. I was very inquisitive afterwards and wanted to know so many things about God and the church. During the week that followed, I came across my old youth bible which I had since I was a child. I started to read the first part of Romans Chapter 6 which illustrates about baptism and how Jesus died for us and how every part of our lives has God in to help us be better people. But verses 12-14 really spoke to me in my heart. It is as follows:

 ‘So do not let sin control your life here on earth so that you do what your sinful self wants to do. Do not offer the parts of your body to serve sin, as things to be used in doing evil. Instead, offer yourselves to God as people who have died and now live. Offer the parts of your body to God to be used in doing good. Sin will not be your master, because you are not under law but under Gods grace. ‘ (New Century Version)

 It is about not letting sin control your life. It also made me think about how dark and unhappy my life could be if God was not part of it. So from then I made a big change in my life as I started coming back to church, going to house group and now joining with other Christian groups and meetings. For example, every year for the past three years I have been going with people from my church to Brighton which holds a Christian conference for Christians all over the world, young and older. I enjoy it every year so much as it is so amazing to see many young people like me all in one place worshipping and learning more about God and seeing Jesus working in their lives. I really enjoy getting involved with Christian activities and meeting Christians of all different ages.

I also look at situations differently now as I now know I have the Lord by my side who makes me strong no matter what the situation is and I want to grow more in the Holy Spirit all the time. I made the decision to get baptised in July 2007 as I want to make a statement to myself and other people to start a new life with Jesus Christ as my Saviour.

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